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Regions of Kazakhstan

Information for tourist

Ecotourism is something that any kind of tourism should be.

An international Ecotourism Society gave the following definition of ecotourism: “Ecotourism is a responsible trip to Natural areas, which contributes to the protection of nature and improves the welfare of local population”.

You will find ideal natural conditions for ecotourism in Kazakhstan. You will visit mountains covered with snow, dense forests, wide steppe; you will swim in cool water of lakes and will enjoy unforgettable, rich wildlife, feel the warmth of local hospitality and discover life of nomadic culture, the major part of which is guest acceptance. More than 50 hospitable families in 25 villages are waiting for You in the most beautiful places of the country.

In order to enjoy all those things, you will need a help of:

  • Your curiosity – You will discover a multi-faceted country for yourself, which combines traditions of Europe and Asia, customs of nomadic life and modernity.
  • Your openness – You will learn amazing things about nature and culture of Kazakhs and other nations, who live in these places.
  • Ability to improvise – You will be able to mange unexpected situations.
  • Tolerance – as a guest You will join a usual rural life, but you will share the conditions in which hosts live; but you will find out much more about the country, than you will from the height of five star hotel.

We travel in order to spend time well, and also to have a good rest.

That is why it is important:

  • - To respect local culture and surrounding nature;
  • - To make sure that local families also get profit from tourism;
  • - To realize, that water and energy are important resources, and use them wisely.
Only then you will make new friends, get impressions, reach peace of mind and tranquility, courage and good, strong appetite after walking around on the nature or horseback riding, good sleep and dreams after staying on fresh air.
On our web site you will find information about different ecotourism routes and services, which are provided by local rural communities and are the source of their income, part of which is spent on protection of the environment.

Come and discover delightful nature of Kazakhstan!


In order to enter Kazakhstan as a tourist, three kinds of formalities should be fulfilled: letter of invitation, visa and registration. In order to get visa you have to apply to the embassy of The Republic of Kazakhstan in your country.

Please, study “Legislation” page on our web site. Perhaps you will find answers to some of your questions there.

You can also contact us. We are always glad to help you!


Gates to Kazakhstan are International airports of Almaty and Astana cities. Detailed information on air companies and their domestic and international flights can be found on the website: www.e.gov.kz: in Russian languages., in English languages.

The latest information on flight schedule and the airport itself can be found from here:
in english - http://en.alaport.com/main.html
in russian - http://www.alaport.com/main.html


You can get acquainted with train schedule around Kazakhstan on the web site of Temir Zholy, the main rail carrier of Kazakhstan: - www.railways.kz

Download the rail road map of Kazakhstan
Download the auto road map of Kazakhstan


You can find weather forecast for the day and the following weeks in the settlements of Kazakhstan on the following web sites:


NB: Please take into consideration, that all ecotourism regions, except for Korgalzhyn, Mangistau are located above sea level, higher than nearby cities. The air temperature therefore can be few degrees lower, with higher chance of precipitation. For instance, weather in Almaty and Lepsinsk can be different, taking into account large distance between them.

EIRC will help you to get excellent opportunity to plan your vacation and spend unforgettable days with use for Your health. For more information visit our web site: http://www.eco-tourism.kz/

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