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Regions of Kazakhstan

General information about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the country of the oldest civilization on the Eurasian continent, motherland of nomadic tribes, considerable part of Great Silk Way Road (1,400 km). Kazakhstan is a motherland of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, great philosopher, founder of Sufism. There are about 27 thousand antiques in the republic.

Location: Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, covering 2,7mln.km. It is located in the very heart of the Eurasian continent; it borders with Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and China. Total length of the border is 12,187 km.

Relief: Kazakhstan is famous with its variety of landscapes: from high snowy mountains to steppes, from dense forests to near deserts and deserts; lakes and rivers with pure water rushing waterfalls. The lowest point is Karagiye hollow (-132m), the highest point is the Khan Tengri peak (7,010m).

Political structure: President is the head of the Republic. Highest governmental body is two-chamber Parliament, Senate and Majilis.

Climate: Sharply continental.

Flora and Fauna: Thousands species, including turanga and elm tree (Karagach), several thousands of kinds of animals: brown bear, pink flamingo, snow leopard, saiga (antelope of steppes) etc.

Population: Kazakhstan is a multinational state. Overall population is about 15 million people: Kazakhs -45%, Russians – 35%, more than 100 other nationalities – 20%.

Language: Kazakh is the official language, which belongs to the group Turkic languages. Russian is the language of interethnic communication.

Religion: A great variety of religions, Islam and Christianity prevail.

Capital: City of Astana is the capital of the Republic since 1996 (area: 2724,9km2).

The biggest city: City of Almaty has been the capital of the Republic in the period of 1924-1996. It is a toursit, social, cultural, economical and educational center of the Republic with population of more than 1,5mln people.

National currency: Tenge.

Time: Time is 6 hours ahead of GMT (Almaty, Astana). Best period to travel: from May till October.