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Regions of Kazakhstan

Karkaraly is the priceless treasure of Kazakhstan!

There are mountain lakes at significant altitude above sea level, which are fed with snow flooding and underground flows. Primordial beauty of Kargaly Mountains and forests, lush vegetation of valleys, clean as tear lakes, all of these things are permanently memorized by everyone who has ever been here. There is a unique Museum of Nature near Karkaralinsk. There are thousands of exhibits that reveal wealth of flora and fauna of this mountain and forest massif.

Karkaraly is the small resort town with small wooden houses and narrow streets. Name of the place comes from traditional kind of headwear, worn by women of this region; the headwear is decorated with beads and lace.

People are always hospitable here, they can share their life, homemade food (products for which they grow with their own hands). Here you can really appreciate real Kazakh rural way of life. You can also check your ability to speak Kazakh language.

Traces of the ancient population of this region, which lived here in the early first millennium AD can be found here.

You should visit:

There are 6 tourist routes laid in National Park of Karkaraly: 3 hiking routes, 1 horse route, 1 skiing route and one bicycle route. In the park you can see traditional pray trees.

Services and prices on ecological sights of Karkaraly

Populated area (village)Karkaraly
2 guest houses, in each 4 places
Astana (airport, train station – 400 km), Karagandy (airline, train – 180 km), Karkaraly (bus)
Season of stay5-10, 12-2 months
4000 KZT, all facilities are inside the house
Forest, lakes, mountains of National park
19th century Karkaralinsk town, excavations in the mountains of Kent
Hiking, horse and ski tours, biking
1) +7 72146 33887, +7 705 5080991 (Toleutaev Nurlan Tleybergenovich)
2) +7 701 1287006, +7 721 4631387, tourism_karkar@mail.ru (Zulfiya Myrsamakova)
3) Information Tourist Center in Karaganda - теl: +7 7212 412165

How to get there:

From Almaty you can get to Karkaraly by train.

Fast, but quiet expensive (about 6,900 tenge one way) Spanish train “Talgo” departs from Almaty-2 train station every day at 18:23 and arrives to Karaganda city the next day at 05:26.

There are few slower trains, the most convenient of which departs every day at 17:09 and arrives the next day at 13:35. The cost is 2,300 tg and more, depending on the level of comfort.

You can also visit Karkaraly from Astana city. Trip on the train will get approximately 4 hours.

You have to get a taxi in Karaganda, which will take you approximately 3 hours to get to Karkaraly.

You can plan and book your trip to Karkaraly in advance through ecotourism Informational resource center: ecocentre.kz@gmail.com