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Regions of Kazakhstan

Kokshetau – the land of mysterious mountains and lakes!

Welcome to the hospitable land of Kokshetau!

Ecological sight of Kokshetau is located to the north of Astana city. These are three villages: Imantau, Aiyrtau and Sandyktau, which can be reached daily, by bus or by taxi from Astana or Kokshetau.

Nature in Kokshetau offers unique opportunities for rest. There are beautiful mushroom places in forests, lots of medicinal herbs and berries, sea buckthorn, currant, tutsan, sage, mint, Bogorodskaya grass, yarrow and others. Remarkably diverse is the fauna of these places: elk, roe, badgers, foxes, squirrels, ferrets, blackcock, pigeons, partridge and other animals. Forests and lakes are rich in fish and game.

From Kokshetau You can make memorable trips to museum of Chokan Valikhanov, “Karasay batyr” memorial complex, Karsak ancient burial, “Botai” archeological memorial, where a man might have domesticated a horse for the first time. You will see national traditions and ethnic show, ride horses and will pass on interesting routes.


There is famous Shalkar Lake, near the village, which is famous with its healing salt water; and there is healing clay in the southern part of the lake.

Trekking route: Aiyrtau village – mount of “Dva Brata” (Two Brothers) – “Glukhoe” (Dull) Lake – Aiyrtau village.

Bus route: Aiyrtau village – Shalkar lake – Aiyrtau village.


Imantau village is located on the shore of the lake with the same name. Water is fresh, and so clean that you can see a bottom; from the boat you could see ripus, carp, ide fish, line, roach, perch and other fishes swimming in the water.

Water route on the boat: Imantau village – KUM – excursion on the boat “Mighty” to the Snake Island – Imantau village.

Combined car and trekking route: Kokshetau city – Imantau village – “Beloye” (White) Lake – “Karsak” village – “Yermakovskyi” waterfall – Imantau village.

Trekking route: Imantau village – “Rakelskogo” grotto – “Kotelok” mount – “Buyan” gorge – Imantau village.


Sandyktau village is named after a mountain (translating from Kazakh language means Chest-mountain). There is a legend, according to which there is a chest with gold on Sandyktau Mountain. Height of the mountain Sandyktau is 784 meters above sea level.

Bus route: Sandyktau village – “Kundyzkol” lake – Sandyktau village.

Horse and trekking routes:

  1. Sandyktau village – “Shishi” rocks – Sandyktau village.
  2. Sandyktau village – “Bezymyannaya” (Nameless) mountain – “Sinyukha” mountain – “Cossack village” camp – Sandyktau village.

Services and prices on the ecological sights of the region


Populated area (village)Sandyktau, Imantau, Aiyrtau
4 guest houses in each 4 places
Astana (airport – 300 km), Kokshetau (train station – 90 km), Sandyktau (bus)
Seasonal stay5-9 months, 12-2 months
5000 KZT, all facilities are inside the house
Forests, lakes, hills
Excavations of Botay culture (first domestication of horses)
Hiking and ski tours, biking, fishing
+7 701 169 59 46, +7 701 257 78 53, akmol-ekos@mail.ru (Irina Kosticina)


Populated area (village)Balkashino
Boarding house for 50 persons
Astana (airport – 300 km), Kokshetau (train station – 90 km), Balkashino (bus - 1700 KZT, mini-bus - 7000 KZT)
Seasonal stay5-9 months, 12-3 months
Accommodation is 800 KZT per day, full board additional 900 KZT a day, all facilities are inside the house
Forests, hills, lakes
Excavations of Botay culture
Hiking and skiing tours (ski trail), fishing, gym
+7 701 3132745, +7 71640 92717, korenetski@rambler.ru, (Aleksandr Korenetski)

How to get there

It is easy to get to Kokshetau from Astana: by bus, train or taxi.

You can plan your trip to hospitable land of Kokshetau in advance, and book it in “Kokshetau” NPO, Kokshetau city.
Tel/fax: +7 (7162) 266460; e-mail akmol-ekos@mail.ru or in ecotourism Information Resource Center: ecocentre.kz@gmail.com