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Regions of Kazakhstan

Talgar is the fabulous town in a necklace of Tien-Shan mountains

Talgar is the small town, in south-eastern part of Kazakhstan, 20 kilometers away from Almaty city; it is situated in the picturesque place at the foot of the spurs of Tien-Shan and Zailiskiy Alatau mountains. Local mountains are unique in their beauty, flora and fauna.

The highest Talgar peak is 4,979 meters above sea level.

Several powerful rivers are: Ugo-Vostochnyi, Levyi, Srednyi and Pravyi Talgars and also Issyk and Ujnyi Issyk. Muzkol Moren Lake is located in the upper reaches of Issyk River at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level; its area is 46,300 meters, depth is 25 meters.

The biggest Korzhenevskii glacier is about 12 kilometers long.

Almaty state nature reserve was created in the year 1931. Central estate is located in the city of Talgar, 25 kilometers away from Almaty.

Nature of the reserve impresses with its diversity: steppe, deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, alpine meadows and glaciers. Glaciers take more than 30% of the territory, in which Mountain Rivers Talgar, Issyk and Chilik originate and provide population of the region with water.

Animal world of the reserve includes about 200 species of birds, 38 mammals, 7 species of reptiles, several thousand species of insects and invertebrates. Reserve is a usual environment for snow leopard, and other different animals including deer, eagles, wild sheep (argali), and gazelle.

22 species of animals, 28 plant species from the Red Book of Kazakhstan can be met on the territory of the reserve.

The reserve has a museum, which represents its activities; walking through halls of the museum, you can get acquainted with representatives of flora and fauna, who inhabit its territory.

Services and prices on ecological sights of Talgar

Populated area (village)Talgar (Lebedinka ( kaz: Akku)
3 guest houses, in each 2 - 6 places
Almaty (airport, train station – 25 km), Talgar (bus for Almaty – 5 km)
Season of stay12-2, 5-9 months
4000 - 5000 KZT all facilities inside
Valleys of Right and Left Talgar in Almaty Nature Reserve
Museum of Nature Reserve
Hiking, trekking to the Talgar peak
1) +7 705 1966024, Muflon_87@mail.ru, Zapoved68_68@mail.ru (Aleksandra Vishnevskaya)
2) +7 777 2705221, +7 7272 956194, +7 700 4243266, Zhana_asu@mail.ru (Nurkamal and Nadir Zhunusov)

How to get there

From Almaty to Talgar you can get by train, bus or taxi. The road runs through picturesque countryside.

Trip to Talgar will take 0,5-1 hour.

You can plan and book your trip to Talgar in advance through ecotourism Informational resource center: ecocentre.kz@gmail.com.